BWC July 15, 2008 Meeting Minutes

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TO:          Beaverhead Watershed Committee and interested parties
FROM:    Katie Tackett, Coordinator 988-0191
          July 15, 2008 Full Meeting Minutes

August 25, 2008 7 p.m. Upcoming meeting

 July 15, 2008 Meeting

Present:  Carl Malesich, Stephanie Hellekson, Russ Kipp, Dick Oswald, Mike McLane, Rob Vandern, J.S. Turner, Harris H. Wheat, Lynn Giles, Kyle Hardin, Steve Cottom, Katie Tackett

No keynote speakers were scheduled for the July 15, 2008 regular meeting.  The meeting was a working meeting to give updates on current grants/projects and to discuss possible new projects. 

Grant and Project Updates:

  • The path forward for the USBOR/MFWP MOU coordination effort was discussed and future actions were suggested. A letter of introduction is to be completed and in the mail by the end of August.  A date of September 23, 2008 was scheduled for the first meeting to explore water related issues, concerns, and perspectives from various watershed community sectors. Committee members were asked to come to the next meeting with two project ideas each to explore. 
  • The Spring Creek Restoration Project, funded under a DNRC Renewable Resource Grant, has received bids from three potential design firms for the final design of the Stream/Riparian Restoration.  The design firm will be chosen as soon as possible.
  • Title II funding which provided the Resource Advisory Committee funds for Blacktail Ridge Weed project has been extended through September 2008.  This extension has allowed the inclusion of an additional weed day on Blacktail Ridge and three at Clark Canyon Reservoir in 2008 listed as follows:
    • Clark Canyon Reservoir – June 18, July 12, and August 2
    • Blacktail Ridge – June 24

Katie will contact the County to get a report on the Weed Days that have taken place and the status of moneys left in the grant. 

  • The Beaverhead TMDL (Total Maximum Daily Load) project has had some new developments.  DEQ has solicited bids from 6 or 7 contractors to do mineral and nutrients sampling.  Further details will be forthcoming from Pete Schade at the next meeting.
  • An extension has been granted for DNRC WPA Grant 2008 (awarded in July 2007) to extend operational funding through the end of 2008.
  • Final report forthcoming on the Future Fisheries Grant for Spring Creek Culvert Replacement. 

Other Business

  • The BWC continues to seek good improvement projects both on and off-stream across the watershed. Per the 2007 work plan, funding will actively be pursued for several new projects.  Any interested person with a concept or plan for 2008 or beyond is encouraged to contact the BWC.
  • Examples of new possible projects that were discussed at the meeting were:
    • Fish habitat improvements on the Beaverhead
    • Solar well for grazing management
    • Stream rehab on the Grasshoper
    • Water Control Structure improvements at Anderson Lane
    • Ditch loss issues
  • Rob Van Dern also brought to the Committee’s attention an article in the Dillon Tribune.  The article was about the Water Policy Interim Committee seeking public comment on a draft report of water issues.
  • The next full meeting will be held at 7 p.m., Monday August 25, 2008 at the Search and Rescue Building in Dillon.  Pete Schade from Department of Environmental Quality is scheduled to discuss TMDL activities.

As always the public is invited.