Poindexter Slough Request for Proposals

The Beaverhead Conservation District /Beaverhead Watershed Committee is seeking a contractor to provide services for a stream enhancement project on Poindexter Slough 3 miles south of Dillon, MT. The project  is a locally led effort aimed at improving water quality and fisheries on the entire 4.7 miles of Poindexter Slough.

Proposals are to be submitted in a sealed envelope marked on the outside Poindexter Slough. Proposals must be received in the office of the Beaverhead Conservation District 4:00 PM local time on February 28th, 2014. 

mandatory Pre-Proposal Conference will be conducted at Poindexter Slough North Fishing Access Site on 2/14/14 at 10 am Mountain Time

Poindexter Slough RFP

Appendix A Standard Terms and Conditions

Appendix B Poindexter Slough Final Design Sheets

Appendix C Poindexter Slough Construction Specifications

Appendix D Poindexer Slough Bid Sheet