WANTED: CoCoRaHS Rain Gauge Volunteers!

BWC is seeking volunteers to participate in the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail, and Snow (CoCoRaHS) network. Many Beaverhead County residents already have rain gauges, and already share rainfall information through word of mouth. But what if there was an online map where farmers, ranchers, anglers, hunters, and travelers could find out just how much rain fell all across the county? This idea can very easily become a reality, and all we need are volunteers!

In order to be a volunteer, all you need is an internet connection, an official CoCoRaHS 4″ rain gauge, and an interest and commitment to reporting your rain fall every morning. The CoCoRaHS rain gauges cost between $30 and $40. BWC is looking into grant funding to reduce the cost to volunteers, but this may take a while to procure, and is not guaranteed to bear fruit. Reporting rain fall data takes no more than 5 minutes each morning, and can be reported on the computer or the CoCoRaHS smart phone app. To learn more about the program, check out the CoCoRaHS website.

Having a robust CoCoRaHS network in Beaverhead County has many potential benefits. The information can help improve accuracy and resolution of weather and water supply forecasts, contribute to the early identification of drought conditions in sub-watersheds, help you stay aware of moisture conditions in distant pastures and range lands, or help you figure out where the best fishing will be that day!

Check out the map below to see where exactly we are seeking CoCoRaHS volunteers and please tell your friends and neighbors that live in those areas about the program. We are also open to suggestions of other areas where volunteers would be handy to have. If you or anyone you know would like to learn more about becoming a CoCoRaHS volunteer in Beaverhead County, please contact Chris Carparelli at BeaverheadCD.BSWC@gmail.com or 406-683-3810.

Beaverhead CoCoRaHS