BWC is Seeking Bids for a Conifer Removal Project

Request for Proposals

Muddy Creek Habitat Restoration

Notice is hereby given pursuant to this Request for Proposals (this “RFP”) that proposals for the project described below (the “Project”) will be received by The Beaverhead Watershed Committee, (“BWC”) up to the hour of 5:00 p.m. Mountain Time on June 15, 2019, following which the Proposals will be evaluated by The Beaverhead Watershed Committee.

Background. The work of this RFP is part of a larger effort by the Bureau of Land Management, Dillon Field Office (“BLM”) and The Beaverhead Watershed Committee, a subdivision of the Beaverhead Conservation District (“BWC”), and Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks (“FWP”) to rehabilitate and improve greater sage grouse habitat and improve overall watershed condition within the Missouri River Headwaters in Beaverhead County, Montana. This is an invitation for proposals to furnish all materials, equipment, and labor for a portion of that project.

Nature of the Work. The work to be done under the Contract (“Work”) shall consist of furnishing all materials, equipment, and labor required to do the following, in the following manner:

Douglas Fir and Rocky Mountain Juniper less than or equal to 12” DBH, within approximately 1,062 acres of sagebrush habitat are to be cut and lopped to below sagebrush height (or knee height) with no live limbs left attached to the stumps. Any Douglas Fir 10” DBH or greater must be bucked into 5’ lengths to accelerate drying time. NO 5-needle Pine will be cutAcreage and unit boundaries are subject to change based on funding and proposals received.  The work must be completed by August 30, 2019. If interested in the work, maps and site photos are available upon request – see contact info below.

  • The terrain varies across the units with slopes that range from 1-20%. 
  • The majority is Douglas fir with some Juniper. 
  • Tree densities vary.  The majority can be classified as Phase 1 or less encroachment with limited portions of Phase 2 and 3.  Aerial photos are available to illustrate densities.
  • Standing dead trees are not to be cut.

The general project location is approximately 10 miles west of Dell, Montana. The Muddy Creek Units can be accessed via dirt road from Dell, MT, by the Big Sheep Creek Road and turning off onto Muddy Creek Road, an approximate 17-mile drive. Muddy Creek roads can be impassible when wet.

Proposals.  Proposals must include:

  1. Cost per acre to complete all 1,062 acres.  If cost per acre varies per unit please indicate so.
  2. Estimated schedule for completing the work including a start date and estimated time to complete.
  3. Description of 3 projects of similar scope completed and/or relative experience that qualifies you or your firm’s ability to complete the work.

Proposals may be submitted electronically to:

Zach Owen, Watershed Coordinator for the BWC:                           Please cc: Sean Claffey at

For more information about site locations or site conditions, please contact:
Sean Claffey at 406-596-1484 or Zach Owen at 406-461-1846.