Current Projects

Blacktail Ridge, Dyce Creek, and Clark Canyon Reservoir

Spraying for noxious weeds on public access roads.  Funded by Forest Service RAC grant with the Beaverhead Conservation District.

Poindexter Slough

Engineers preliminary technical report to be presented a the March 9th, 2010 meeting.  Currently seeking funding for flow augmentation and channel restoration on Poindexter Slough.

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Clark Canyon Creek

Report from Karin Boyd, Applied Geomorphology Inc.: Clark Canyon Creek Site Visit Summary AGI

Past Projects

Trout Creek

Install a well and solar pump to help provide off-stream water for grazing.  Funded by DNRC HB 223 grant with the Ruby Valley Conservation District.

Winter Flow Recommendations for the Beaverhead

See draft report here: Beaverhead Flow Recommendations DRAFT

Stone Creek Restoration

The Stone Creek Restoration Project is a locally led stream restoration effort aimed at improving water quality and fisheries in the lower 0.5-mile of Stone Creek, tributary to the Beaverhead River. The confluence of Stone Creek is located approximately 8 miles North of Dillon.  This project will restore and protect the riparian corridor.  The project will also focus on expanding fishery benefits and will be implemented in concert with the MFWP fishery biologist.

See RFP here: Stone Creek RFP


Addendum 2/24/2011:  Lower Stone Creek Restoration Addendum

Addendum #2 3/10/11: Lower Stone Creek Restoration Addendum#2

Darnutzer Slough

The purpose of the project is to further restore and improve spawning and rearing habitats and address water quality issues to increase fish abundances and size distributions in the lower Beaverhead River watershed.