Poindexter Slough Fishery Enhancement Project  

The Beaverhead Watershed Committee has been working with landowners, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, the Dillon Canal Company and various other partners on the Poindexter Slough Fishery Enhancement project. Poindexter Slough is one of the few publicly accessible spring creeks in southwest Montana. We feel is important that the public have the opportunity to fish in a clean healthy slough. The goal of the project is to enhance public fishing opportunities by creating a narrower stream channel that will be able to clean sediment out.

Through grants and generous private donations the Beaverhead Watershed Committee completed all of the irrigation infrastructure improvements and a significant amount of the in-stream habitat work (2.6 miles!) in early 2015. In 2016 an additional 1.6 miles of in-stream habitat work was completed. Beaverhead Watershed Committee secured funding for the final phase of habitat enhancement for the lower 0.5 mile of channel downstream of the Dillon Canal to the Beaverhead River will be completed winter 2017.

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