Grants Complete:

DNRC 30W-02-099:  This was the first operations grant for the group.  Initiated in August, 2001, it was completed in November of 2002.  $10,000


DNRC 30W-03-164:  The second grant providing operational funding for the BWC, completed December 31, 2004.  $10,000


DNRC 30W-06-246:  The third grant providing BWC operational funding completed in April of 2007.  $10,000


DEQ 201069:  The first TMDL related grant for the BWC awarded in 2001.  Deliverables were the Phase 1. assessment and participation in three demonstration projects.  Total award was $94,800.


DEQ 203064:  The second grant directed toward the Beaverhead TMDL.  It funded the beginning of the assessment process on the 303(d) streams.  Total award was $78,600


DEQ 204063:  The third grant directed toward the Beaverhead TMDL.  Essentially completed the initial assessment work for the TMDL and provided a Quality Assurance Project Plan for TMDL completion.


LEP 04- 01:  Completed four demonstration projects and funded committee operations through April of 2006.


LEP 05A-02:  Completed the Wheat Ranch solar well project, and provided a small amount of operational funding to the Committee.  Complete September, 2006


DNRC 30W-265: Provided operational funding in 2006 and 2007.  Award was reduced $5,800 to accommodate DNRC budget.  The fourth WPA grant.


Future Fisheries Grant 2007 – Spring Cr. Culvert Replacement provided a new culvert as a valuable link between the Beaverhed River and the restoration reach in the Spring Creek RRGL.  Funding is $15,660 for purchase of the culvert and rip-rap and placement of substrate inside.  Of that amount $938 will be returned to MFWP, since spring inspection indicates no further work is needed. Madison County contributed nearly $28,000 in installation services to the project.           

DEQ 319 Mini Grant – This grant was for education and outreach with 5th grade classes.  With the funds received the BWC was able to purchase materials to give two educational presentations at the Beaverhead 5th Grade Outdoor School.  The materials will be available for future educational opportunities.  Total awarded was $1,500.


DEQ 205054

Grant for assisting in completion of the TMDL.  The grant was awarded in 2006 for the amount of $100,000.  In 2010 it was reduced to Water quality samples for nutrient and metals analysis took place in September 2008.  Due to delays in the TMDL process and the contract expiring the budget was reduced to $37,757 in January 2010.  $14,300 dollars of the TMDL money was approved towards assisting DEQ with the sediment study by Reclamation in 2010.


RAC Grant for Dyce Creek, Blacktail Ridge and Clark Canyon Weeds

Originally this grant was awarded for weed spraying in the Dyce Creek area but was expanded to the work on the Blacktail Ridge easement and the area surrounding Clark Canyon Reservoir.  A total of $6,500 was spent in this grant with a match from Beaverhead County well exceeding 1:1.


DNRC WPA Grant 30W-08-278

The primary purpose of this grant is to continue the operations of the committee.  The original grant was awarded in July of 2007 and an extension was granted with additional funding to continue operations through spring 2010.  The total amount expended in this grant was $15,000.


DNRC  RPG-10-0220

$20,000 grant for project planning.  The grant was expended on hiring a contractor to develop a technical report on Poindexter Slough and write a grant application to DNRC’s Renewable Resource Grant program.


DNRC WPA Grant 30w-10-310

The primary purpose of this grant is to continue the operations of the committee.  This grant was awarded in 2010 and the final billing was in September 2011.  The total for this grant was $10,000.


RRG Stone Creek Restoration

The Lower Stone Creek project replaced the Spring Creek Restoration project. The Lower Stone Creek project will be funded with the remaining money in this grant ($84,208).  Project completed in December 2011.


Grants completed with Ruby Valley CD:

DNRC 223-10-3146:  This grant is for the Trout Creek Stock Water Well project.  Total project budget is $37,419.  Total for this grant is $10,100.  Project completed Summer 2011.


Grants completed Landowner Admin:

Future Fisheries: The purpose of the Darnutzer Slough project is to further restore and improve spawning and rearing habitats and address water quality issues to increase fish abundances and size distributions on Darnutzer Slough in the lower Beaverhead River watershed. Total project budget is $18,350. Total for the grant is $9,175.  Project completed in the Spring 2012.