Who are we?

In 2001, a group of landowners and stakeholders formed Beaverhead Watershed Committee (BWC) with a common goal of improving and repairing the environment across the watershed. BWC is a subcommittee of the Beaverhead Conservation District. Since that time BWC has reached ridge to ridge with successful projects related to water quality, quantity, fencing/grazing, weed management and outreach. The Committee is a diverse group of volunteers representing all stakeholders within the watershed, including: Agriculture, Outfitters and Guides, Local Business, Beaverhead County Commissioners, and Beaverhead Conservation District.

The function of BWC is to coordinate a local, citizen-based approach to maintaining public awareness and continuous improvement of the Beaverhead Watershed. BWC continues to seek good projects. Individuals or groups with improvement ideas are encouraged to bring them to the Committee. All meetings are open to the public and we encourage you to attend.

The mission of BWC is to seek an understanding of the watershed ”how it functions and supports the communities dependent on it”and to build an agreement on watershed-related planning issues among stakeholders with diverse viewpoints.

Where do we work?

Since 2001, BWC has been enhancing the riparian areas in Beaverhead Watershed. Starting in 2017, BWC expanded into the Red Rock Watershed. As a group, BWC has completed various projects in both watersheds. If you’re interested in current and past projects, visit our project page here.